Some buyers might find creepy properties to be unattractive. Others might find them to be intriguing. The spooky story behind a property will not affect its value, if you find the right buyer. Keep reading to learn how you can quickly sell a creepy property.

Make It a Good Deal

Spooky houses regularly come up for sale in the United States. recently conducted a study. The results show that one in three people will buy a creepy property if they can get a good deal. This is more accurate for millennials, because 17% of people in this age group said that they do not mind buying property with a ghost story if it comes at a reasonable price.

Selling a Creepy Property

Real estate agents around the country were asked to share their experiences with selling a creepy property. One story that caught our attention is one where a man slipped and fell on his back. He hit his head on landing and bled to death.  This incidence went unnoticed for days. It was not until a neighbor decided to investigate the foul odor coming from the property that the death was discovered. It was not long until the story became popular. Later, the man’s relatives decided to sell the property.

How to Sell the Property

First of all, a professional cleaning company must thoroughly clean the property. They must dispose of every dangerous material in the house. If any question comes up later concerning the house, there must be an answer. Also, you must ensure the safety of anybody who comes to check the property for purchase. In some states, facts like death, suicides, crimes, and murders need not be disclosed. However, you should be honest in your response when questions come up about them. In some other states, you will need to reveal all of the information about a property’s past.

Other Ways to Sell a Creepy Property

The story behind a property should not affect its value. A good marketing strategy helps you successfully sell haunted properties. Several real-life examples prove that yes, you can sell haunted properties.

In one instance, there was a house that many believed was a haunted one. To sell the house, the sellers did something ingenious. They added the word “haunted” to the sign; they also had the story published in the local newspaper. The house attracted a lot of interest. Consequently, it sold.

Another reportedly haunted house displayed “Not Haunted” on its sign. This interested a lot of buyers, so the property quickly sold.

Creepy properties can scare buyers away. Thus, you will need to be creative while trying to sell creepy properties. There are many ways that you can appeal to buyers.

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