Men in Black: International may be showing off make-believe inventions in theaters around the world, but there’s technology in the real world that’s just as impressive. Here are just a few examples that are just as amazing as anything from the movie.

Jyroball – Personal Transportation Fit for Men in Black

Jyroball is a self-balancing electric vehicle that packs away into a perfect sphere. The 20-pound unit can go uphill, run for 14 miles on a single charge, and achieve speeds up to 12 miles per hour. When you arrive at your destination, pack it away into an object the size and shape of a bowling ball.

The Gravity Industries Jet Suit

Richard Browning (a contender for a real-life Man in Black) invented a jet suit that flies fast and high. 4 jet engines are attached at the arms. Subsequently, with practice (and a lot of upper body strength), the operator can hurtle through the skies at life-threatening speeds. Certainly, it’ll be a minute before tech like this becomes available to the general public, but you can bet that it’s coming!

Korean Facial Apps for Social Media

Face-transforming apps are straight out of Men in Black, but they’ve been popularized by Korean social media influencers. Above all, these complex filters enlarge eyes, clear skin, and sharpen features. It does not matter what you look like; apps like these will make you “beautiful” (at least according to certain social media standards).

“Scuber”: Uber Rideshare Submarine

The Men in Black traverse the world in all kinds of crazy vehicles. Today, you can do the same in a ride-share submarine debuted by Uber in Australia. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the once-daily rides around the Barrier Reef, a helicopter will pick you up and drop you off for a multi-hour underwater excursion, courtesy of the world’s #1 rideshare app.

Hollywood can hardly keep up with the world of tech. 2019 has brought remarkable innovations, and the future will only be more impressive and powerful. We hope that you get to experience the best tech on offer today, so your life feels more like the movies.