There is a story that U.S. soldiers killed a giant man in Afghanistan known as “The Kandahar Giant.” The man was allegedly killed in 2002 when a U.S. patrol unit mysteriously went missing.

One Strange Military Story

The tale is quite graphic in nature. One soldier in the patrol described what he saw when he came around the mountain, seeing bone matter at the foot of a cave along with some U.S. communications equipment. The sight put the team on their guard, and they went into a ‘dispersal’ formation, a strategy used to minimize exposure to the team.

From the mouth of the cave emerged a red-haired monster of a man between 12 and 15 foot in height. The patrol opened fire, but the bullets did not seem to strongly affect the creature. Eventually, the beast was killed, but only after he took down one of the soldiers in the unit, skewering him with a ‘pike.’

Were Events Rewritten?

Soon after the event, a helicopter came to carry away the large body. All of the soldiers were told by their superior officer to rewrite events without mentioning the red-haired cannibal. However, the story started to leak, as individual officers have all testified a similar version of events over time, such as the fact that the beast had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

Many Witnesses Tell of the Red-Haired Giant

The tale has corroborating evidence. Evidence has been submitted by many of the soldiers back at the base, who were told about the giants and to be on guard. The pilot of the helicopter has also stated that an 1100-pound man was placed on a 12-foot pallet and covered.

To some, the story of a six-fingered red-haired cannibalistic man is not too fantastic to believe. It is because Native American oral history includes stories of tall red-haired cannibals. Additionally, there are people in Ecuador who have six fingers.

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