Vaping has become one of the most influential trends around the world. The rate at which people are jumping on the bandwagon is very high. If you are new to vaping, you probably do not know a lot about some common tricks that people engage in.

Luckily, you are reading the right article and it will give you the best guide. Read on to learn the tricks you should try.

The Ghost Inhale

This trick is popularly done by youths as they enjoy a vape in a popular joint. It is simply done by inhaling the vapor inside the body and holding it there for some seconds. This allows it to accumulate and get compressed. Once you have had enough, you will release it while forming your mouth in an O-shape to make a ball of heavy vape. Some people make different sizes of ghost balls depending on their experience.

The Waterfall

This fancy trick will make you love vaping even more. All you need is a bottle with frozen water at the bottom. After taking a drag, release the vapor into the bottle and start to pour the contents out. Since the frozen water will make the vapor heavy, it will pour like a waterfall of vapor. You can compete with your friends for even more fun.

The Dragon

This is one of the most popular tricks out there. Even beginners can learn the trick quickly. After getting a long drag, you will need to force the vape out through the corners of your mouth. Close your lips in the middle. At the same time, force the vapor out through your nose. As they all come out together, it will look like a dragon breathing the vapor of fury. Make sure that you are using the right e-cig from a reputable seller like ePuffer to get the best results.

The Vapor Bubble

Before doing this trick, prepare soapy water and have a tube or bubble wand ready. Sometimes, having fun just like a little kid makes you happy. Take a drag and blow it through the bubble wand to make different sizes of vapor bubbles. It is more fun when done outdoors. However, it is not recommended to do this with kids. They do not need to interact with vapor since their tolerance is low.

The French Inhale

This may look like a trick for experts but anyone can do it. It is one of the best you can try. After taking a drag, you will exhale it through the mouth while inhaling it at the same time through the nose. Thus, your mouth must be formed in a way that lets the vapor rise toward the nose.

The Blowing O’s

Last but not least, we have the blowing O’s. It is one of the most difficult tricks that requires some time to master. After taking a deep drag, hold the vape in the mouth or throat. Then, push back the tongue while keeping it on the lower side of the mouth. Form an O-shape with your lips and puff out the vape in short bursts to blow the Os.