Devil Invented TRX? Tron Is Destroying Cryptocurrency?

As of the time of this writing, TRON (officially named Tronix or TRX), has a market cap of over $1.9 billion. The hype surrounding the project is popping up all over the news. That is because the coin’s price doubled over the last month. With the news that Tron acquired BitTorrent and BitTorrent BTT will have its first airdrop on February 11 to TRON TRX holders, many investors are holding on. However, there is some criticism. According to the former chief strategy officer at BitTorrent, Justin Sun’s approach involves a lie on top of a lie. As we all know that the devil is the father of lies, did the devil invent TRX? Moreover, is Tron destroying cryptocurrency?

Did the Devil Invent TRX?

The devil is the father of lies. The former BitTorrent chief strategy officer, Simon Morris, says that Justin Sun’s approach is “Trumpian”. Specifically, he says, this involves lying and even doubling down on previous lies. Even more, Simon Morris says that TRON is a marketing machine that has a very thin layer of tech underneath it.

The former BitTorrent officer, Simon Morris, left BitTorrent last year, as he said he was not able to develop trust with Tron execs. Morris even asked Sun about the suspicion that Tron plagiarized its code and whitepaper; to this, Justin Sun said that there was a consensus that this did not happen.

Regarding upcoming BitTorrent transactions, Morris believes that Tron will be unable to manage the transaction volume needed for BitTorrent tokenization. Morris suspects that Tron will manage the transactions on a central server, pretending that it is Tron-based. Is Tron lying, and will the false market hype destroy the crypto market?

Tron Responds Back

A Tron spokesperson effectively told Cointelegraph that Morris does not have much insight into BitTorrent operational plans, since he departed. Additionally, the spokesperson responded that the actions and execution will prove louder than a former employee’s words.

So, while February 11 has not come yet, it seems as if there is massive hype that is building surrounding the TRON coin value. We will see if Tron can handle the BitTorrent tokenization. If it does not, more people might shy away from the crypto market.