YouHodler Review: 5 Reasons To Choose This Crypto Backed Lending Platform

Crypto backed lending platforms are taking the world by storm. Whether the market is in a bearish or bullish state, crypto enthusiasts flock to these platforms in order to get cash using their crypto as collateral without actually selling off their assets. There are a few options to choose from but today, we’re doing a deep dive on YouHodler and showing you five reasons why you need to use it today.


User interface and user experience design are overlooked by so many casual crypto users. This is because we just expect a platform to look good and perform well. Most popular startups have this down but this particular platform takes it one step further. Immediately upon logging in, you can see just how clean, simple and easy to use this website. Whether you’re a crypto noob or crypto pro, taking out a loan on this is as easy as ordering pizza.


Unlike peer-to-peer lending sites (p2p), YouHodler does not make users wait for a match to receive their loan. Simply sign up, pass KYC and request a loan. You’ll soon see your loan into your bank account. If you want a near instant option, then choose to receive your loan in Tether (USD) which only takes minutes.


Here is another quality many take for granted. Transparency is huge in this new crypto industry. While you have others like SALT Lending that just disappear for months at a time, the team at YouHodler is transparent with everything they do. The CEO himself also helps out on customer support inquiries so you know you’re getting a personal touch.


Simply put, you won’t find a better value out there for crypto backed lending platforms. Boasting the highest loan to value ratio in the industry (80%) and some of the lowest interest rates, users can get an affordable loan. On top of that, they can even pull out a profit if the market is in a bull run.


This is where the true benefit lies. While other platforms are merely copycats of the other, YouHodler prides itself on being different. For one, it features bank wire, debit/credit card, and USDT as options for pay in and pay out. No other platform does that. Furthermore, they have a growing list of several cryptocurrencies one can use for collateral. No other platform does that either.  Another thing to note is they continue to push the boundaries of innovation in this industry with their very own YouHodler debit card to use for both paying off and receiving a loan. This aims to make the loan process more convenient to those without banks around the world, making this a globally minded startup.

So if you want to get cash now without losing your crypto, go ahead and visit. There are more than enough reasons to make them your #1 crypto backed lending platform, so give it a try.