Anti CNN Glasses from 1988 THEY LIVE Movie Are Now Real

Does anyone remember THEY LIVE movie?

While the Hoverboard from “Back to the Future” is now technically a reality, there are still plenty of imaginary innovations that have not been designed and developed yet. Quantum physicists are still working on a Teleport, and scientists from NASA and SpaceX are still working on the process to send humans to Mars.

Despite the complexities of implementing imaginary thoughts into a realistic world, some folks are brave enough to approach various obstacles and find solutions to move us one step closer to our dreams. A good example of a vision becoming reality is IRL (“In Real Life”) Glasses.

What Are Anti CNN Glasses from the 1988 THEY LIVE Movie?

Inspired by the pair of magical glasses that blocks ads from the 1988 THEY LIVE movie, IRL Glasses founder Ivan Cash came up with the idea to invent magical accessory of his own. A pair of his glasses literally protects one from watching ads. With no more negative commercials or TV screens to be visually seen, the “Anti-CNN” technology helps make the world look like a better place.

How IRL Glasses Work

IRL Glasses are made of an iconic frame (similar to the one depicted in the 1988 THEY LIVE movie) and horizontal polarized optics that block LCD and LED screens. The technology behind the optics is simple: when rotating and flattening the lenses 90 degrees, light that comes off of LCD or LED screens gets blocked. That, in turn, makes one believe that all TVs/computer screens are off, as they do not reflect any light. The below visualization shows what the environment looks like, for individuals wearing the magical IRL glasses.

Magical Glasses
Image by IRL Glasses

Why Wear IRL Glasses

While the majority of us do not get disturbed by the overwhelming amounts of unnecessary information coming to us from digital ads, others tend to fall under the influence of massive pressure that is imposed by enormous marketing budgets of countless corporations. These corporations allocate millions and hundreds of millions of dollars to take control of our brains. While it’s easy to install an ad blocker on your computer and get a paid subscription on your Spotify account, there are still ad pre-rolls that are offered in public places such as sports bars and midtown streets of large cities.

Why Now?

It feels like the 21st century is the age of small people tackling big problems. While blockchain startups are developing payment solutions to push out greedy banks, New Age electric car manufacturers are working to make the world free of pollution. Other guys, like Ivan Cash, are working to keep our minds clear from the digital spam we experience in a modern capitalist world.