NASA Found Aliens on Interstellar Asteroid

Recently, an asteroid visited us from interstellar space. NASA says that it is most likely from another planetary system that orbits another star. For decades, there has been speculation about interstellar objects even existing. Now, there’s evidence that they do.

NASA Found Aliens: Agency Named the Asteroid

Many astronomers are happy to observe this object. Around the world, people with an interest in alien life have been pulling out their telescopes to look at “Omuamua.” In Hawaiian, the name means “a messenger from afar arriving first.” Of course, NASA has been excited to learn that there’s¬†evidence of alien life.

NASA Found Aliens: Interesting Shape Suggests It’s More Than an Asteroid

The shape of this asteroid is particularly interesting. According to NASA, they have never seen an asteroid shaped like this. Omuamua is at least ten times longer than it is wide. Scientists have measured it to be at least 400 meters long. There’s also another interesting thing. It rotates rapidly and is subject to dramatic changes in brightness. Could this be more than an asteroid? Could this be a visit from aliens?

NASA Found Aliens: The Asteroid Traveled Hundreds of Millions of Years

The reddish color of the asteroid is interesting to NASA. The surface has reddened due to cosmic rays over time and has no water or ice. Apparently, Omuamua traveled for hundreds of millions of years without being attached to any star system before arriving in our solar system.

Thomas Zurbuchen from NASA says they have wondered for decades if we are the only ones out here. Evidence of interstellar asteroids opens up a whole new window for study systems. It is now evident that we can study other solar systems beyond our own.

The interstellar asteroid is slowly fading away from the reach of our telescopes. Scientists around the world are trying to catch the last glimpses of its interesting shape.

NASA Found Aliens on Interstellar Asteroid