Astronomers Sent a Message to Aliens: Will NASA Join In?

For many years now, astronomers have been searching for extra-terrestrial life outside our own Solar System. Many say that they have snapped pictures and videos of aliens on Earth. However, none of these videos have been verified to be real, so the search continues, but NASA recently did something very interesting.

Astronomers Sent a Message to Aliens: What Message?

NASA has done something not even done in movies. They sent a message to aliens. The message traveled to GJ 273, or Luyten’s star, a small red star in Canis Minor’s northern constellation. This tiny planet is only 12 lightyears away from our beloved planet Earth.

In addition, NASA says that their goal is to contact alien life. Scientists sent a radio wave message to this star, which is the closest star that may contain a habitable environment.

Astronomers Sent a Message to Aliens: NASA Might Receive a Response From Aliens in 25 years

According to NASA, this star has two planets from which GJ 273 could contain liquid water and a habitable environment. Researchers say that NASA could receive a message back within the next 25 years. The message originated from Norway. NASA, as well as the entire world, eagerly waits to see if we will actually receive a response. If we do, what kind of response will it be?

Astronomers Sent a Message to Aliens: Do Aliens Exist?

Douglas Vakock from METI International says that they think it is unlikely that someone will respond. He also adds that, although unlikely, a response from outer space would be extremely welcomed.

A message was sent once before when a radio transmission message was sent towards a star cluster in 1974. This message originated from Puerto Rico. However, as far as we know, there has been no response to this first message. Maybe we’ll have better luck this time!

Astronomers Sent a Message to Aliens: Will NASA Join In?