Three Men Filmed Mysterious Moving UFO Light in the Sky: NASA experiment?

Amongst the piles of fake UFO sightings and mysterious events in the annals of the Internet, there are a select few videos that are legitimate and truly deserve attention. This includes when the event is filmed on several different cameras.

Recently, 3 men filmed a mysterious moving UFO light in the sky of Queenwood. Here is what we know.

Three Men Filmed Mysterious Moving UFO Light

3 different people from Queenwood, USA filmed the mysterious moving light shifting from side to side in the sky. The mysterious light doesn’t look like lightning or anything familiar to a human eye. Long and bright, the light forms chaotically about one particular cloud in the sky.

UFO Sightings of the Past

Canada’s former Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, once said that extraterrestrials help humans develop new technologies. Hellyer stated that aliens helped humans develop OBR optics, lasers, and microchips. The Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, also stated that aliens do, in fact, exist. They are among humans and are helping us in many different ways.

NASA and Area 51

Taking the aforementioned piece of information into account, it’s not hard to assume that the moving light is nothing more than that of an experiment run by the US government and NASA. In the footage, we see no helicopter chase or any other hectic sky maneuver performed by the government. That means that the government knows what is going on.

NASA and the U.S. government are famous for being not so transparent. In one of our previous posts, we have listed some of the possible reasons for this lack of transparency. The moving light in the sky could easily be one of the Area 51 experiments, with NASA involved.

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