UFO is Orbiting Earth; NASA Remains Silent

UFO is Orbiting Earth; NASA Remains Silent

UFO hunters are revisiting one of the most interesting mysteries in the Space History. A NASA photograph that was taken down some years ago shows a straight line formation of some kind of aircraft. The space agency quietly deleted the image from its website but it has since emerged.


Once the aforementioned image was removed by NASA, the UFO community responded with stark accusations towards the agency. Eventually, the image re-appeared on the website in a different location. Many UFOlogists saw this as a victory. The hype eventually died down but new interest in the old photo has re-ignited a handful of online alien forums. Due to this attention, a paranormal research website, The Black Vault, took some interest and is now raising new questions.


Using the image uploaded by NASA as well as a YouTube video, The Black Vault analyzed close-up views that seem to reveal a formation of UFOs. This video is open to the public on NASA’s website, with the addition of a zoom-in feature and HD quality images. NASA has not yet given any explanation for the picture. The fact that NASA is so silent on the matter is a dead giveaway to many alien hunters. The Black Vault has since challenged NASA to make a new statement, with no success.


Still, all we have are controversial estimates. According to The Black Vault, these latest investigations prove that it is not a group of UFOs but a single unit. The unit seems to be flying in a formation, due to the long exposure of the photograph. Is it possible that the photograph includes satellites, space debris, or some kind of photographic illusion? Possibly, but until the space agency gives some kind of statement, we will have no answers. For those looking for a more intelligent conversation on the matter, The Inquisitr publicly released a debate on the footage.

UFO is Orbiting Earth; NASA Remains Silent