Nibiru Planet X Aliens Are Close to Earth

Hunting for aliens isn’t just for the crazed UFOlogists anymore. With the discovery of nearby Planet X (Nibiru), legitimate astronomers are searching tall and wide for any signs of life. Evidence for it is only growing so it’s just a mere matter of time before we discover life somewhere besides Earth.

Planet X Aliens Are Close to Earth


They say finding aliens in space is nothing short of a moon shot, but Astronomer Scott Sheppard believes otherwise. With a plan of action in place, Shepard has been capturing fresh images of the realm beyond Pluto on a nightly basis. Astronomers like Shepard have been discovering more than 2,000 exoplanets around other stars far from our planet Earth. That may seem impressive, but the farthest reaches of our solar system are largely unidentified. What they hope to find among theses far reaches, is something like an exoplanet. Rumors of a Planet X have been around for centuries, but until recently, there was no evidence to support that.


In January, the hunt for Planet X gained some new traction when astronomers from CalTech calculated just where it might be in the solar system. They dubbed the discovery Planet 9. Now the hunt is full on for Planet X, Planet 9 or any other super-Earths that may be out there.

The discovery will hopefully fill in some blank spots in regards to your solar system’s creation. Finding aliens, of course, would be a welcome addition. But don’t count on it. The stats on Planet X are extremely small. It is this lack of solid information that is motivation so many astronomers. Science is based on the realm of the unknown. Uncovering that realm is what drives the search here on Earth.

Finding Planet X

It may seem like a romantic vision but finding Earth-like planets is no easy task. There is no wise astronomer sitting upon a bed of grass gazing into the sky at his delight. Instead, there is only piles of grueling data collection, delicate simulations and a handful of respected scientists. Nonexperts are quick to assume that any large mass found on the edge of our solar system isĀ Nibiru and therefore, must have aliens. Sadly, we just don’t know at the moment. All we can do is speculate aliens and keep assessing data.