Iceland’s Elf Church Rock Moved

In the Alftanes peninsula found in the country of Iceland, there has been a very heated debate over a huge 70-ton outcropping. The reason for the debate was quite intriguing. It has much to do with the culture of the Icelandic people. There was construction going on for a new road when the workers came across the giant mass blocking their way. According to the legend, this rock is nothing but an Elf Church.

Mysteries Behind The Elf Church

Icelandic people believe that the outcropping is an Elf Church. The locals think that the elves of that area have been using the rock as their church. Thus, the government should not destroy it.

Agreement Between Humans and Elves

According to the legend, humans and elves made an agreement. The massive rock was moved to its current location after a local seer called for peace to be restored through a pact between the elves and humans.

What will Happen to the Elf Church?

Everyone seems to agree that moving the rock out of the road instead of destroying it will allow the construction workers to continue the development of the road. In addition, it will allow elves to have their own space.

The massive rock will be relocated to the area full of stones like this one. Hopefully, elves will be happy.

Iceland and Folklore

The folklore of Iceland is very interesting. Some groups of people are considered to be Friends of Lava, some folks are active Elven believers.

The Icelandic Government seems to respect people’s beliefs. In this particular case, everyone walked away as a winner knowing that the road construction will continue and the Elves will keep their church and their secrecy intact.

Iceland’s Elf Church Rock Moved