Daily Picks: 9 Articles – “In Space”

Daily Picks: 9 Articles -

Daily Picks: 9 Articles – “In Space”

1. ScienceDaily – This is How Life May Have Begun in Space

Chemists researched building blocks of life. The research revealed many interesting facts.

2. Kicksday – There is Something in space That Creates Lightning

Man gets struck by lightning, gets up, and continues to run.

3. RollStroll – 9 Celebrities Who Spotted Alien UFO in Space

Not only you and I believe in aliens. There are many famous people who are aware of extraterrestrials.

4. GOstamina – Women swallow alien worms to lose fat

In this article, you will find top 3 most unorthodox ways to lose fat.

5. Capitol Geisha – Scientists will use Anti-Aging Drugs on Mars

Will first humans on Mars be immortal? Let’s take a look at the studies by Harvard Medical School and the University of South Wales.

6. DifferentWho – LSD Could Open up Your Mind, But not all Drugs are Good for You

In this post, the author compares 2 drugs with one another: LSD and Meth.

7. Chef Cousin – 22 Most Disgusting Dishes of Evil Aliens

Don’t throw up while reading this article.

8. Vivid Globe – Secrets of Mother Nature

This article is for those who are in search of adventures.

9. Movie Bulb – The Simpsons predicted the future of our planet

Mysteries behind the famous the Simpsons and its predictions.