Top 5 Alien UFO Encounters Leaked by Government Workers

People always believe in some sort of higher power. This higher power is usually God or fate. God or fate gives us small pushes throughout life. As a result, such pushes can lead people to exceptionally great things. These higher powers, however, may be of the space variety. New ideas behind some of the history’s greatest minds discuss an alien presence. Rather than a spiritual one. Some alien believers think that UFO sightings are simply aliens checking up on us. Thus, they have been called the “watchers.” Could aliens be behind how our lives actually turn out? Does the government know about this?

Top 5 Alien UFO Encounters Leaked by Government Workers

Foo Fighters (not the band) See UFO

The Foo Fighters of World War 2 saw a UFO while flying over Germany in 1944. These pilots reported glowing objects following their planes during the night. German and Japanese pilots also saw these glows during the war as well.

British Roswell X-Files

Another government UFO sighting came in 1980 – the Britain’s Roswell. It is one of the most popular cases in history. And also subject to a wealth of conspiracy theories. John Burroughs, a U.S. soldier at the time of the incident, investigated the blue, red, and white glowing with other soldiers. They found a UFO that was made of smooth black glass. One soldier actually touched the alien spacecraft. He said his brain was given a code the second he touched it.

Alien Life on Earth

The former Defense Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer, accused government agencies of keeping alien life on Earth secret. In addition, Hellyer has openly said that he has met aliens. Furthermore, he was saying that four different alien species have visited Earth. Mr. Hellyer had strongly requested that the government officials come out of the UFO closet.

Government Cover-Ups and Black Budgets

The former government official, Phil Schneider, had openly talked about UFO secrets. His death has also been the subject of myth. Many people believe that either the government killed Schneider.

Phil spoke about government UFO cover-ups and black budgets. In addition, Snyder stated that the government made a deal with aliens. That partnership allegedly allowed taking and testing of humans by aliens.

The Roswell Incident

Roswell made news in 1947. It is perhaps the most famous of all UFO and alien reports in history. Several government workers have openly shared the details of the Roswell event. The reports have detailed the capture of a flying saucer on a ranch near the military base. In addition, three aliens were reported to be found. This eye-witness report came from a Rancher who accidentally walked into an exam room full of aliens. Could all these people be lying?