Why Did God Choose Some People to Be Smart?

Are some people born smarter than others? Does God have a master plan that involves making a percentage of humans more stupid than others, in order to balance out the gene pool? Scientists at the University of Southern California are looking into it. There may be something to how some people learn and keep information that is necessary for intelligence. Maybe some people can’t actually be whatever they want to be when they grow up. Why Does It Seem God Chose Some People to Be Smart?

Why Did God Choose Some People to Be Smart?

Scientists Find Stupid People Gene

A study published in the journal Nature found 74 genetic differences that are associated with “educational attainment.” The study involved 253 scientists. The scientists combined 65 datasets from subjects in 15 countries. The results did find a genetic difference for educational attainment. However, the difference was very low. The results only explained 0.43 of one percent of the educational attainment difference. The study’s corresponding author, Daniel Benjamin, an associate professor at the University of Southern California noted that there were environmental factors also involved. Thanks, Science.

Is God Playing with Our Minds?

Combining God and the findings of scientists is a sure fire way to get some unfavorable comments to any article. But for hypothetical interest, could God be involved? God, whichever form or religious name you may call him, has a pretty bizarre sense of humor. Kids get cancer, puppies suffer, and cat ladies collect platoons of kittens in small city apartments. Now God is making us less intellectual? God could have drawn the line at the cat ladies.

Smarter People do Exist

You probably don’t need more than 200 scientists and a fancy academic journal to tell you that some people are simply smarter than others. But, how do you gauge smarts? If the academic version of being smarter is simply about good grades and SAT scores, then the scientists need to take a few lessons from God. Being smarter has nothing to do with how many degrees you earned. Or how prestigious your university was. It is a simple matter of survival. And, as much as I dislike to say it, a matter of evolution as well.

That might spark some irrational comments for sure. Those who can evolve and adapt to any circumstance will succeed. Richard Branson and Steve Jobs are perfect examples of adaptation. And they succeeded without a college degree. How do you gauge intelligence?