CIA Agent Confirmed NASA Contacted At Least 2 Alien Species

The truth hidden from us has recently been spilled by a former CIA agent who could not hold it anymore. He confessed that the Government knew more than 1 type of aliens. These creatures are capable of reading our human mind; you can’t even hide your thoughts from this advanced civilization.

What it means in a simple language is they know what we are doing and they know what we are planning. They predict every single step of ours. So, from my perspective, it’s pointless to even invest money into the development of new tech that is meant to protect us from extraterrestrials.

As NASA is a United States government agency, one can assume that it knows about aliens.

Let’s Talk About Several Different Individuals who have had a chance to Meet Aliens.

Paul Hellyer is, as a politician, engineer, and writer who was previously Canada’s Minister of Defense, claimed that the government knows about Extraterrestrials. And, according to him, the taxpayers have a right to know about alien life. No need to worry about people. He believes that humans are capable of perceiving and digesting this information.

As Canada’s previous Minister of Defense, Hellyer received multiple reports of UFO sightings. Paul Hellyer claimed that he spoke to one of the U.S. Generals who confirmed the legitimacy of the Roswell Events and the events happened after that day. The general said that, in fact, there were several meetings between the government and alien species from different solar systems.

UFO, Alien Life, NASA, and Government

UFOs are real. And not only according to Hellyer. Sgt. Clifford Stone, for instance, publicly spoke about recovering some of the saucers. He reported that he saw bodies of dead aliens, as well as bodies of aliens who were still alive. It’s not like such events happen every day. No, they are extremely rare. But they happened in the past, and according to Sgt. Clifford Stone, similar events will happen again in the future.

Let’s Get Back to The CIA Agent and His Confession

In 2013, Richard Dolan interviewed “Anonymous” CIA agent, who decided to disclose some important information before he passed away. According to the interview, the agent worked on a project called “Blue Book.” His responsibilities included learning more about aliens and their intentions. One of his cases included the famous Roswell incident. The Agent personally spoke with President Eisenhower at some point. He went to Area 51, where he had a chance to see several saucer crafts, including the one from Roswell, and see several species of Aliens, most of whom were already dead by that time.

One of the most interesting observations included the Roswell Craft that according to the CIA agent was huge, but weighed only about 300 pounds. Isn’t it strange?

Anonymous Agent also described the aliens as looking oriental. The creatures had bigger brains compared to humans, and the skin tone was very different. He reported that they had small noses and small ears.

Are you ready to hear something extremely scary?

According to Paul Hellyer, Aliens helped us develop OBR optics, Microchips, Lasers, and more. No comments needed. I think it’s enough to highlight the true intentions of these mysterious creatures. They want us to grow up, to get smarter.