Top 5 Magician Pranks on Youtube

Top 5 Best Magic Pranks - Magician Pranks on Youtube

Magic can be real but it’s not always the case. Sometimes, you can get fooled in a very professional manner. It’s always fun to watch people performing tricks and pulling magic pranks, as long as they don’t have bad intentions and they are not willing to take advantages of naive humans. In this post, I have compiled the list of Top 5 Magician Pranks on Youtube

1. Magic Pranks on Youtube: Magician Tries to Sell Weed to a Cop

Have you ever tried to sell weed to a cop? Yes, you did? Well, scroll down and skip the video then. In this first footage, the guy is doing just that.

2. Magic Pranks on Youtube: He gives you Smoking Rings

He shoots strangers with smoking rings. Not every individual gets the joke but this is what makes the prank even funnier.

3. Magic Pranks on Youtube: Dude Pretending to be a Magician

This guy is just messing around with people. Pretending to be a magician, he is approaching folks and acting stupid in front of them. Waste of time, waste of energy!

4. Magician Pranks on Youtube: Trolling Cops Using Magic

The streets of Las Vegas are full of mysterious events. In this video, the guy is trolling the cop using his “magic.” Apparently not every police officer has a good sense of humor.

5. Magician Pranks on Youtube: Broken iPhone 6 Magic

Magic can be mean. And this is what teaches you a lesson. Do NOT trust innocent looking people. They are not always as innocent as they may seem.

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