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The very basic purpose of journalism is to ensure that people are informed of what’s going on in the world. In this specific case, journalism helped to expose psychic scam in the form of fake magicians whose main purpose was to take advantage of desperate people.

Bull Stands for B******t

I have to admit that BBC journalists have a great sense of humor. The famous media channel “destroyed” the fake psychics one by one in this video and made fun of the “magicians'” stupidity.

CNN and Anderson Cooper Exposed Fake Psychics

Anderson Cooper is well-known for his incredible professionalism and skills. In this video, he exposed Psychic Scam in the best traditions of journalism.

Fake Psychic Destroyed in The Worst Way Possible

I must admit, this video made me cringe. It is the best example of instant karma that you could possibly imagine. That’s how the universe works. You always get what you deserve. The video proves the fact that you always have to be very selective in your deeds.