Top 5 Instagram Users Who Believe They Are Aliens

Instagram is full of freaks, some of which drive attention to their profiles by posting weird stuff. In this post, I have compiled a list of top 5 folks who believe they are aliens.

1. Evil Alien

UFOlogist state that demonic beings exist somewhere far away from Earth, in the outer space of the Universe. This photograph, however, makes one believe that they don’t need a telescope to find a weird demonic creature on Earth.

2. Mysterious Alien

Some people find Alien Life in Mystery. This girl did just that.

3. Lizards

Some people claim that Hillary Clinton is a Lizard Alien. We don’t know whether it’s true or not. All we can say is that extraterrestrials exist (at least in a form of these beautiful ladies).

4. Dorsay Aliens

This gay man believes that he is Alien. Dorsay Aliens have two home planets. This race is known for its intelligence and intolerance to other species.


Ellina is a race of Elves. Many people claim that they saw these aliens in the forests of Europe (presumably in Germany).