Top 3 Craziest Youtube Videos Featuring Religious Cults Jesus Christ

There are all types of crazy religious cults. These three are perhaps the most unusual in their nature. Usually, money and power are the biggest motivational tools. In this specific case it’s hard to tell… Below is the list of Top 3 Craziest Youtube Videos Featuring Religious Cults.

Kenya’s No Men Society

How can these women live without men? It is indeed a tough question. To find the answer, you will have to watch this video.

Islamic Feminist Cult

The motivation is obvious when it comes to women and Islam. The strict orthodox rules of the famous religion left certain marks on the lives of Muslim women. As times change, so do people. Manifesting freedom, Islamic Feminist Cult becomes more and more powerful in the Muslim world.

Religious Cults: Russian Jesus Christ

One day a former policeman decided to change his life and become a messiah. He grew his beard and hair and named himself the modern Jesus. Now Vissarion Jesus teaches folks “what’s good and what’s not.”