God vs Allah: Top 3 Distinct Differences

What is God? And who is Allah? Christians and Muslims have their unique answers to these questions. We’ve made a list of 3 distinct differences.

Number One: Jesus Christ the God vs Jesus is a Prophet

Christians believe that Christ is God and a part of the three. The so-called Holy Trinity consists of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (three gods merged in one). Christ is believed to be back on Earth some day.  

According to Muslims Jesus Christ is no more than a prophet who delivered a message from God. He is no God.

Number Two: Born in Sin vs Born Clean

Christians believe that the humanity inherited Adam’s sin. There are no sinless people, and only the death can erase this heavy burden. 

Muslims believe that people were designed for heaven. Unless you disobey Allah and refuse his mercy, you can always be forgiven.

Number Three: Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

Unlike Christians who only use the words “God” and “Jesus” to describe the almighty, Muslims have over 99 venerated names for Allah.

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