Top 5 Psychic Books Deals

Whether you are a psychic or the one who wants to learn more about the paranormal phenomenon, the following literature will help you gather some knowledge. Below is the list of top 5 books about the phenomena.

The Book of Symbols for Psychics

In this book, you will find a vast number of unique communications. The book features over 500 symbols and practices. You will learn about the origin of the symbols and their utilization. 

Psychic Development Book: How To Develop Your Intuition

This book is a must-have guide for those of you who want to become emotionally intelligent. The book will help you develop intuition. It will introduce you to the basics of “complicated” systems like tarot and astrology.

Psychic Self Defense – The Survival Guide

Do you believe that every single decision you made was made intentionally? Not sure? Well, in this book, the Australian psychic Robert Bruce explains how our minds can be influenced by many unseen sources. As a result, such sources affect our brain and essentially change our life. The handbook is a practical tool you can use for psychic self-defense purposes.

Psychic Eye Mysteries

Abby Cooper is a fictional story about a psychic. In the book, the main character fails to predict the death of her client… Throughout the story, Abby is trying to solve the mystery.

Guide To Understanding and Defending Your Gift

A lot of people are unaware of their strengths and weaknesses. Some people are naturally born psychics, but they don’t know anything about it. Such individuals have a natural ability to feel others and affect people’s minds. The quality and skills can be cultivated if you practice throughout your lifetime.

Luna Sidana wrote this book with an intention to help empaths (people with abilities). The book is a practical guide for curious individuals who want to learn more about their natural gift.