Youtube Showed Evil Aliens Found at South Pole

Independent UFOlogists often use Youtube as a platform for their independent research. You can find tons of conspiracy theories and ufo sightings all over the video-sharing website. In one of the most recent videos, Youtube brings light to the retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s tweet in which he refers to the hidden Alien Base at the South Pole. Aldrin allegedly posted a photograph of the Alien Base shaped in the form of an Egyptian pyramid and located at the South Pole. Did the famous astronaut see UFO or Aliens? Let’s find out.

Do Aliens Exist? Are There Aliens at the South Pole?

Many UFO researchers referred to The South Pole Pyramid long time ago. The astronaut Buzz Aldrin is not the only one. You can see the object yourself on Google Earth. But is the pyramid an Alien object?

Proof of Aliens

People came up with a bunch of conspiracy theories. Here is one of them. John Kerry, the secretary of State, recently visited the South Pole. The reason (according to conspiracy theorists) is a meeting with Aliens. Could it be true? We don’t know for sure. All we know is that Buzz Aldrin mysteriously deleted his tweet shortly after it was published.

Are Aliens coming? Are we all in danger?

In his tweet, the respected astronaut tried to warn us about something. His message clearly stated that “we are all in danger.” He claimed that the pyramid is “evil itself.” What should we expect is anyone’s guess. All we can say now is that Buzz Aldrin has a certain reputation. It’s unlikely he would make jokes like that. 

Could it be Hoax?

It’s always a possibility to stumble upon fake news created by Photoshop enthusiasts. Since the tweet cannot be found anywhere on the Internet, it’s very much possible that the fake news sites like fabricated the story. You can never be sure until you see it with your own eyes.