Top 3 Reasons Why Aliens Might Live Under the Antarctic Ice

Top 3 Reasons Why Aliens Might Live Under the Antarctic Ice

Climate change has been a discussion for years now, and recently, researchers have discovered that movement below the Antarctic ice will make changes in the sea life beneath. Climate warming has been a problem for years now. Researchers speculate that even new forms of life could live under this ice — such as aliens.

Do aliens live in the Antarctica?

Scientists who dive under the ice at the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf have made interesting discoveries. They have found that the seafloor ecosystem displayed unexpected changes. The ice shelf has become thinner, and they say this may have been because of climate change. None of us doubt that.

Researchers from Finland have noticed rapid changes in the ecosystem ever since their last expedition in 2009. They say that changes under the Antarctic ice often happen at a very slow pace due to temperature. However, these changes have been rather rapid. Scientists say that the sea has flooded with new species. Could they be aliens?

All of the biodiversity found in Antarctic oceans

The absence of human life in Antarctic oceans gives a great chance for species to survive under the ice, untouched. If many species can appear under the ice in such a short time, untouched by humans, is it possible that aliens would know this, too?

Climate change feeds the species

Because of the cold weather and thick ice that cannot be penetrated by any animals, the food supply in Antarctic oceans is not very good. That has also been a reason as to why not many species live there. When climate change warms the waters and melts the ice, it gives a great chance for more food for different species to survive on.

Scientists believe that this food supply can create more species, so can it give aliens a chance to live under the Antarctic ice, too?

Top 3 Reasons Why Aliens Might Live Under the Antarctic Ice