Owl-Looking Aliens Caught on Camera in India

Owl-Looking Aliens Caught on Camera in India

In the past, there has been a whole bunch of different sightings of aliens. You can find multiple photos and videos of aliens on social media channels like YouTube and Facebook. Some of them have turned out to be mysterious and maybe even possibly real alien sightings, while some… well, some have turned out to be something completely different.

Owl-Looking Aliens Caught on Camera…

On a construction site in Visakhapatnam in India, people caught something extremely weird on camera. Builders filmed three white creatures with big eyes on a construction site. Afterward, they stated that these creatures were clearly aliens. Or were they?

Owl-Looking ETs Caught on Camera: Do Aliens Exist or Not?

Later on, they found out the disappointing truth: they had been filming three baby owls instead of ETs. Owls have heart-shaped faces and downward beaks, which are clear characteristics of owls. In a situation where birds get attention, they tend to be observant of the behavior. In this case, birds often look alarmed, like these owls in the pictures did. Owls are night creatures that usually sleep during the day and hunt during the night. Their big eyes are very suitable for hunting and flying in the dark. That being said, maybe it was an understandable mistake to think these cute baby owls were aliens.

Owl-Looking Aliens Caught on Camera: These Cute Creatures are Now Safe

Barn owls are under the protection of Indian law, which means the three cute baby owls are now somewhere safe, growing up to be big owls one day. Hopefully, they won’t scare anyone else into thinking they’re anything else but birds.

So, the next time you get a good shot of an alien, double-check that it’s actually an extraterrestrial instead of something as normal as a bird.

Do you believe in ET?

Owl-Looking Aliens Caught on Camera in India