Daily Picks: 9 Articles – “I Am Not Afraid”

Daily Picks: 9 Articles -

Daily Picks: 9 Articles – “I Am Not Afraid”

1. Express – Government is About to Say “Aliens Exist”

It seems like governments from all over the world are about to announce the truth all of us have been waiting for so long. Yes, aliens exist…

2. Kicksday – I have Adventures Every Day

Everyone can make an adventure our of a daily routine. All you need is a little bit of dedication.

3. RollStroll – 9 Feminist Websites for Women Who are Not Afraid

We live in the era of strong women.

4. GOstamina – Not Afraid of Having Problems Abroad

Health is important. Never make it your biggest concern when it comes to traveling.

5. Capitol Geisha – The Government is Spying on us

Here is something you should know about the recent Apple and Wikileaks scandal. Stay informed! It concerns your privacy.

6. DifferentWho – Extremely Unusual Religions

People join weird cult and sects to protect themselves.

7. Chef Cousin – Moscow Resident Ate a Rat

WTF is going on in fast food places these days. A Russian man “bought” a rat at KFC?



8. Vivid Globe – Here is what you know before you ride the subway

Crazy adventure called life is chaotic in the city. Be ready to face the reality of the Subway.

9. Movie Bulb – New Movie Theater Car is the way to go

Mysteries of the new tech. Here is what our future is going to look like.