Daily Picks: 9 Articles – “It Will Happen Tomorrow”

Daily Picks: 9 Articles -

Daily Picks: 9 Articles – “It Will Happen Tomorrow”

1. SALON – Conspiracy Behind “Make America Great Again”

When John Adams was president, he found himself under a lot of pressure coming from the Western countries. Too many conspiracies and imaginary enemies…

2. Kicksday – This is what the Future of Fitness will Look Like

New Tech has a lot of surprises stored in its closet for us.

3. RollStroll – YouTube Destroying TV

YouTube will be your TV-set in the future.

4. GOstamina – How to make your life fulfilling

You can change your life drastically today. Just live a moment, work hard, and accept your weaknesses.

5. Capitol Geisha – Russians will Solve Moon Landing Conspiracy

Russian are sending a micro-satellite to investigate whether America landed on the Moon or not.

6. DifferentWho – Toyota to Help Those in Need

It’s our obligation to help communities.

7. Chef Cousin – Delicious Marijuana Dishes

Marijuana foods become trending in the modern world. What is waiting for us tomorrow?

8. Vivid Globe – Tomorrow I will Go to Europe

You don’t need money to travel in Europe. Here is how you can do it for free.

9. Movie bulb – New Tech for Pornhub and Xhamster Fans

New App opens your favorite apps automatically.