Top 3 Secret Underground Towns

Top 3 Secret Underground Towns

Would you want to live under the ground? It’s not that weird. Living underground has its benefits, especially if you are tired of the noise from the city. History remembers nations who have practiced living underground. Entire cities have been created under the surface for men and women to live in. Those towns may have seemed like perfect places to live.

Elon Musk and SpaceX believe that living underground is inevitable for the first humans on Mars. The reason is simple – the environment might on the red planet be too harsh for human beings. Soil might also offer more comfort to the first humans on Mars. And buildings carved out of the ground do promise to offer a lot of soil.

Secret Underground Towns: Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is a city in Australia that is located in a hole. Even some of the stores are underground. Coober Pedy used to be a mining town. It grew on the extraction of gems from the earth. It was not the only reason for building the city underground. The extreme weather conditions, such as the famous Australian heat, forced people of Coober Pedy to go underground. In the hole, they were able to find comfort in the cool temperatures of the soil. So, some individuals may enjoy underground living. These days, the town is no longer a mining city but rather a famous tourist destination.

Secret Underground Towns: Moose Jaw

Unlike Coober Pedy, Moose Jaw is the opposite. People built this city in search of heat. Moose Jaw is located in Canada where the winters are harsh and long. Back then, in the early 20th century, workers built the underground city as a way to escape the winter.

Secret Underground Towns: Matmata

Matmata is another city that was built underground. Settled by nomads, the underground town thrived up to the moment when the weather in that immediate area worsened, and the seasons brought nothing but constant rains. The water began destroying the underground dwellings. After a few of the underground buildings collapsed, above-ground houses were built. But, even with the new additions, most folks in the city preferred the underground living.

Secret Underground Towns: Sassi di Matera

The underground set up of Sassi di Matera (Italy) is one the most interesting. It’s a sort of a cave that was carved back in 7000 BC. The city is located inside the rock. People still live there, despite all the difficulties that the local government imposed on the citizens.

Top 3 Secret Underground Towns