Scientists Found Invisible Devil Aliens on Earth

Scientists Found Invisible Devil Aliens on Earth

ISS live stream has captured a mysterious video on the live stream. In the video, you may notice a mysterious UFO that is visibly accelerating out of Earth’s atmosphere into the outer space. Then the video abruptly cuts out. Perhaps ISS may have accidently filmed the evidence of the underground devil aliens that are mentioned by many conspiracy theorists.


Thunder Energies Corporation stated that it has found invisible devil aliens on Earth; allegedly, these creatures live in the Earth’s atmosphere. The head of the corporation is the nuclear physicist Ruggero Santilli. Many scientists and researchers dismiss DR. Santilli as a legitimate scientist. However, many folks still trust the doctor’s credibility. As a result, some of his works have become a foundation for multiple conspiracy theories.


Ruggero Santilli believes that he detected the UFO using his own telescope. Santilli is also using the device that¬†according to him, is able to prove theoretical anti-matter. Santilli believes that his super telescope has detected invisible aliens. The new invention is in the process of being trademarked, but that’s not the point. Researchers on the team fear that the creatures may be here for some¬†secret missions.


Does alien hell exist? It is very much possible that it could be inside our Earth. People have witnessed aliens coming from the core of our planet. Allegedly, there are two enormous holes on both sides of Earth. The North Pole and the South Pole have alien bases and the officials know about it. It is even possible that the aforementioned devil aliens live in those places. Nobody knows what to expect from these creatures. What missions they are executing is anyone’s guess. With the help of new tech, perhaps one day we will know the truth.

Scientists Found Invisible Devil Aliens on Earth