Pornhub and Redtube Pornstars Mysteriously Die

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Porn Pornhub and Redtube Pornstars Mysteriously Die

The porn industry is not as fancy as it may seem. The bitter truth is hidden far behind glamor and orgasms. Many successful porn stars have mysteriously disappeared from Earth over the past few years.

Youtube Features Porn Stars Who Mysteriously Disappeared

The Youtube user THE REAPER FILES made a list of female porn stars who have died over the years. The cause of death (in most cases) is suicide. Alex Jordan killed herself by hanging. Anastasia Blue committed suicide by overdosing her body with Tylenol. Angela Devi – suicide by asphyxiation. The video features over 30 people.

XXX Church Explains why Pornhub and Redtube Stars Commit Suicide

Ex – Porn Star Jenna Presley spoke about her struggles, depressions, and ruined life. In one of her interviews, Jenna talks about the harm the adult film industry brings to the lives of young ladies. Years of filming, prostitution, and suicide attempts turned Presley into a living robot who had no feeling and understanding what the real love is.

According to Jenna Presley, the adult film industry is very deceptive. It makes you feel like a superstar at the very beginning of your career. Shortly after, it turns you into a motionless beast.

Pornhub and Redtube Pay for Your Drugs

After spending 7 years in the industry, Presley quickly lost interest in her life. The misery of her lifestyle quickly turned the ex-pornstar to drugs. At some point, Jenna Presley realized that her dark thoughts were the result of drug consumption. Porn made her stop caring about life. Jenna was left with no friends and family and most of Jenna’s paychecks were spent on drugs. There was a lot of work but no accomplishments. 

Is Porn good for you?

Pornhub and Redtube seem to be a lot of fun when it comes to watching porn. It’s the flip side of the coin that is full of mystery and darkness.

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